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Winter Round Up Standings - U11C Only

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U18 Announcements

Aug 18:

U18 will NOT be doing a Combine and goalie-only evaluations at the same time as the other divisions.  


U11 A Schedule

Updated Aug 25, 3:28pm

FRIDAY27-Aug3:00 PM4:00 PMCHRYSLERU11U11 GoaliesPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug7:30 AM8:30 AMCHRYSLERU11Neely v LaddPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug8:45 AM9:45 AMCHRYSLERU11Gaetz v MorrisonPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug10:00 AM11:00 AMCHRYSLERU11Walker v HuntPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug11:15 AM12:15 PMCHRYSLERU11Bartley v YipPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug7:30 AM8:30 AMCHRYSLERU11Gaetz v YipPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug8:45 AM9:45 AMCHRYSLERU11Walker v LaddPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug10:00 AM11:00 AMCHRYSLERU11Bartley v HuntPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug11:15 AM12:15 PMCHRYSLERU11Neely v MorrisonPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug7:30 AM8:30 AMJEEPU11Walker v MorrisonPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug8:45 AM9:45 AMJEEPU11Bartley v LaddPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug10:00 AM11:00 AMJEEPU11Neely v YipPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug11:15 AM12:15 PMJEEPU11Gaetz v HuntPhase One
WEDNESDAY1-Sep1:00 PM2:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 NeelyPhase Two
WEDNESDAY1-Sep2:15 PM3:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 LaddPhase Two
WEDNESDAY1-Sep3:30 PM4:30 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 MorrisonPhase Two
THURSDAY2-Sep1:00 PM2:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 NeelyPhase Two
THURSDAY2-Sep2:15 PM3:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 LaddPhase Two
THURSDAY2-Sep3:30 PM4:30 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 MorrisonPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep5:15 PM6:15 PMCAM NEELYU11U11 NeelyPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep6:30 PM7:30 PMCAM NEELYU11U11 LaddPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep4:15 PM5:15 PMCHRYSLERU11U11 MorrisonPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMRAMU11U11 NeelyPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep5:30 PM6:30 PMCHRYSLERU11U11 LaddPhase Two
FRIDAY10-Sep3:45 PM5:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U11U11 MorrisonPhase Two
SATURDAY11-Sep10:30 AM11:45 AMPLANET ICE #2U11Neely IntrasquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep11:45 PM1:00 PMJEEPU11Ladd IntrasquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep12:00 PM1:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U11Morrison IntrasquadPhase Three
SUNDAY12-Sep12:30 PM1:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U11Neely IntrasquadPhase Three
SUNDAY12-Sep2:00 PM3:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U11Ladd IntrasquadPhase Three
MONDAY13-Sep4:15 PM5:15 PMCHRYSLERU11Morrison IntrasquadPhase Three

U13 A Schedule

Updated Aug 26, 8:21am

FRIDAY27-Aug4:15 PM5:15 PMCHRYSLERU13U13 GoaliesPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug12:30 PM1:30 PMCHRYSLERU13Neely v LaddPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug1:45 PM2:45 PMCHRYSLERU13Bartley v HuntPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug3:00 PM4:00 PMCHRYSLERU13Morrison v YipPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug12:30 PM1:30 PMCHRYSLERU13Bartley v YipPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug1:45 PM2:45 PMCHRYSLERU13Neely v HuntPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug3:00 PM4:00 PMCHRYSLERU13Morrison v LaddPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug12:30 PM1:30 PMJEEPU13Morrison v HuntPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug1:45 PM2:45 PMJEEPU13Bartley v LaddPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug3:00 PM4:00 PMJEEPU13Neely v YipPhase One
WEDNESDAY1-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 NeelyPhase Two
WEDNESDAY1-Sep6:00 PM7:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 LaddPhase Two
WEDNESDAY1-Sep7:15 PM8:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 MorrisonPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep1:00 PM2:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 NeelyPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep2:15 PM3:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 LaddPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep3:30 PM4:30 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 MorrisonPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 NeelyPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep6:00 PM7:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 LaddPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMCHRYSLERU13U13 MorrisonPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep5:00 PM6:00 PMJEEPU13U13 NeelyPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep6:15 PM7:15 PMJEEPU13U13 LaddPhase Two
FRIDAY10-Sep5:30 PM6:30 PMPLANET ICE #2U13U13 MorrisonPhase Two
SATURDAY11-Sep1:00 PM2:15 PMCAM NEELYU13U13 Neely IntraSquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep1:15 PM2:15 PMJEEPU13U13 Ladd InstrasquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep2:30 PM3:45 PMCAM NEELYU13U13 Morrison IntraSquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep2:30 PM3:30 PMJEEPU13U13 Neely IntraSquadPhase Three
SUNDAY12-Sep2:45 PM4:00 PMCAM NEELYU13U13 Ladd InstrasquadPhase Three
MONDAY13-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMJEEPU13U13 Morrison IntraSquadPhase Three

U15 A Schedule

Updated Aug 26, 8:22am

FRIDAY27-Aug5:30 PM6:30 PMCHRYSLERU15U15 GoaliesPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug12:00 PM1:00 PMJEEPU15Ladd v YipPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug4:15 PM5:15 PMCHRYSLERU15Hunt v BartleyPhase One
SATURDAY28-Aug5:30 PM6:30 PMCHRYSLERU15Neely v MorrisonPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug12:00 PM1:00 PMJEEPU15Hunt v YipPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug4:15 PM5:15 PMCHRYSLERU15Ladd v BartleyPhase One
SUNDAY29-Aug5:30 PM6:30 PMCHRYSLERU15Neely v MorrisonPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug12:45 PM1:45 PMRAMU15Hunt v BartleyPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug4:15 PM5:15 PMJEEPU15Ladd v YipPhase One
MONDAY30-Aug5:30 PM6:30 PMJEEPU15Neely v MorrisonPhase One
THURSDAY2-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 NeelyPhase Two
THURSDAY2-Sep6:00 PM7:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 LaddPhase Two
THURSDAY2-Sep7:15 PM8:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 MorrisonPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep4:45 PM5:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 NeelyPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep6:00 PM7:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 LaddPhase Two
FRIDAY3-Sep7:15 PM8:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 MorrisonPhase Two
TUESDAY7-Sep8:30 PM10:00 PMCAM NEELYU15U15 NeelyPhase Two
TUESDAY7-Sep8:45 PM10:15 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 LaddPhase Two
WEDNESDAY8-Sep6:00 PM7:00 PMCHRYSLERU15U15 NeelyPhase Two
THURSDAY9-Sep9:15 PM10:45 PMPLANET ICE #2U15U15 LaddPhase Two
SATURDAY11-Sep5:45 PM7:00 PMPLANET ICE #2U15Neely IntraSquadPhase Three
SATURDAY11-Sep3:45 PM4:45 PMJEEPU13Ladd IntraSquadPhase Three
SUNDAY12-Sep4:15 PM5:30 PMCAM NEELYU15Neely IntraSquadPhase Three
SUNDAY12-Sep5:45 PM6:45 PMCAM NEELYU15Ladd IntraSquadPhase Three

U18 A Schedule

Updated Aug 25, 8:25am

TUESDAY7-Sep9:00 PM10:30 PMJEEPU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
WEDNESDAY8-Sep7:45 PM9:15 PMCAM NEELYU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
THURSDAY9-Sep6:45 PM8:15 PMCHRYSLERU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
THURSDAY9-Sep9:00 PM10:30 PMJEEPU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
FRIDAY10-Sep7:15 PM8:45 PMJEEPU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
FRIDAY10-Sep9:15 PM10:45 PMCHRYSLERU18U18 ScrimmagesPhase One
SUNDAY12-Sep1:00 PM2:15 PMCHRYSLERU18U18 NeelyPhase TwoPractice
SUNDAY12-Sep2:30 PM3:45 PMCHRYSLERU18U18 LaddPhase TwoPractice
SUNDAY12-Sep4:30 PM5:45 PMJEEPU18U18 MorrisonPhase TwoPractice

Any questions, concerns, injuries, vacations, etc, please contact the VP of A.