Returning Athlete Registration

Athletes registering after the end of the priority registration date will be treated as a New Registration (as of June 1st of the current year).  It is important that you register as soon as possible to avoid being placed on a wait list.  IF YOU ARE A PLAYER RETURNING AFTER BEING AWAY FOR MORE THAN THE PRIOR SEASON, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND IN DOCUMENTS.  


STEP 2: When it becomes available, click the link above to register for the new season.  Please ensure all of your contact information in TeamSnap is current.  You will need your Hockey ID in order to register.  If you do not know your Hockey ID, click the gray button above.

STEP 3:  Pay your registration fees.  Credit card only.  No cheques, e-transfers or cash payments accepted. Processing fees will be applied to credit card payments.  A monthly payment/installment plan is available; after paying the required deposit of $150 per athlete, the remaining balance will be distributed over six equal monthly payments from July until December.

NOTE:  When checking out in TeamSnap, some members cannot select either Credit Card and the registration process is stalled.  This occurs when members are using an unsupported browser, such as Internet Explorer.  If this happens, please try a different browser to see if registration can be completed.

Registering three or more children?

If you are registering three or more children, contact the Registrar to have an automatic adjustment deducted from your cart when the eligible athlete enters their Hockey ID number during registration.

RMMHA believes strongly in supporting our local athlete’s pursuit of playing the game of hockey and reducing barriers for participation.   RMMHA has a financial support program whereby families experiencing financial barriers can apply for help in registration fees. To learn more about these programs, please visit our Financial Assistance Program page.

If you are applying for financial assistance, please register your child as usual, by either paying in full or setting up installments.  Submit your approval emails to the Registrar for a refund of the subsidy value (if paid in full) OR a removal of that value from the last installments.