Find Your Hockey ID

Please follow one of the steps below to retrieve your Hockey ID.

Important Note:  If your Hockey ID is still not accepted during registration, please ensure there are no spaces after the Hockey ID, and that the participant's Date of Birth has been entered correctly.

Find your ID in your Hockey Canada Registry (HCR 3.0) Account

  1. Go to the new Spordle Hockey Canada 3.0 registry website

  2. Create an account using the email address you monitor.

  3. Go to Members tab.

  4. Find and click the blue + at the top left side.

  5. To link your children's sport profiles (or your own sport profile) to your new account, you will need to search by name and birthdate.  When you see their name, select link this member.

  6. IF YOUR HOCKEY ID IS NOT SHOWING UP IN SPORDLE, you will need to take Respect In Sports for Activity Leaders - this will generate a Hockey ID number.  Go to THIS PAGE.

To check your volunteer certifications: 

CRC: There will be a green button under your name that says "Valid Background Check".  If it does not say this, then you DO NOT HAVE A VALID CRC.  Please request one >> here <<

Other certifications: The Qualifications tab will show all of your certifications

(Make sure to scroll to the right to see these columns on smaller screens)

If you are still unable to retrieve your Hockey ID, please contact the Registrar.