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For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ridgemeadowshockey.com


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On-going Opportunities:

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Tournament Planning

Planning for upcoming RMMHA Tournaments

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January & February Volunteering Needs:

February 17 to 20

Family Day Weekend

Jim Lindsay Memorial Tournament

U13 & U15 Tier 1 & U18 Tier 1 & 2


Now to Saturday, February 25

Pre-Event Planning & Event Day Activities

Rustlers Night at the Vancouver Giants


Helpful Links About Volunteering with RMMHA:

Our members have stepped up in a huge way when it comes to volunteering. Thank you!! All of your time is so appreciated and makes minor hockey possible.

Let's keep it going and make 2022-23 our best season yet!

RMMHA is run by an elected group of volunteers to ensure the activities and operations of the Association move forward as smoothly as possible. In order to achieve this, the membership must also contribute their time and efforts for each season to be successful. Therefore, the following team volunteer policy is in effect:

Minimum Certifications for Volunteers in Contact with Athletes:

Dressing Room / Bench Monitor Requirements:

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC)
  • Respect in Sport (Activity Leaders)
  • Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit (CATT)

HCSP Requirements:

  • CRC
  • Respect in Sport (Activity Leaders)
  • Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit (CATT)
  • HCSP Certification

RMMHA Volunteer Policy (Revised July 2021)

A) General

  1. All member families in RMMHA must complete volunteering hours in the following 3 (three) tiers:
  • For the Association
  • For the Divisional Tournament
  • For the Team
  1. Definitions of what constitutes an Association, Tournament, or Team “hour” are subject to change, at the discretion of the Executive Board. Current definitions are posted to the website.
  1. Required hours:
  • Association hours will be determined by the Executive Board, and posted on the Association website.
  • Tournament hours are determined by the Tournament Committees, distributed to teams, and assigned by Team Managers.
  • Team hours are assigned by the Team Manager and/or Head Coach, or a designate on the Team.
  1. Failure to fulfil the obligations of the:
  • Association Hours - will be governed by this “RMMHA Volunteering Policy”, and will result in a fee, by way of a deposit cheque (see points B1&2)
  • Tournament Hours - will be governed by a separate “Tournament Volunteering Policy”, and will result in a fine.
  • Team Hours - sanctions will be at the discretion of the Team. Sanctions might include an appeal to the Executive Board for freezes on player eligibility, fines in addition to those described above, or a holdback of Team Fee Refund.

B) Process for Association Volunteer Hours

  1. There will be a required deposit amount set annually by the Executive Board and posted to the Association website. If the outcome of executing the policy results in an increase of members “paying out” their obligations, the Executive Board has the power to increase the deposit.  Families may NOT "opt-out".
  1. Each family will submit 1 (one) deposit cheque in the required amount to the Manager of the Team of their oldest child registered in the Association. The deposit submitted is per family.
  1. Volunteer hours must be registered by the users on the current RMMHA Volunteering Software. Hours not registered will not be credited or accounted for. There will be no other source of record keeping.
  1. Any assessment of a fee cannot be appealed unless evidence is provided that the hours were registered within the current Volunteer Software.
  1. Deposited fees will be used as follows:
  • To cover any costs associated with the Volunteer software and program; and
  • Any excess after costs to be set aside in an account to be used to support families who may not have the financial means to enroll their athlete in Ridge Meadows Hockey. 
For more information, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ridgemeadowshockey.com