Financial Assistance

RMMHA believes strongly in supporting our local athlete’s pursuit of playing the game of hockey and reducing barriers for participation.   RMMHA has a financial support program whereby families that experience financial barriers can apply for help in registration fees.

Funding Options:

  1. Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Kidsport  - see below details
  2. Canadian Tire Jumpstart and The Big Play - see below details
  3. A4K - see below details

NOTE: Some of the programs listed above max out their funding early so we suggest you apply as soon as you have registered, and no later than July 31st of the current season.  It takes several weeks for the programs to process applications and notify you or RMMHA of approval of funding.

Final Option - RMMHA Financial Support

Members living in Maple Ridge who have exhausted all other avenues of financial assistance may be considered for special subsidy of no more than 50% of their registration fees from RMMHA via the City of Maple Ridge (max of $500).

Members living in Pitt Meadows who have exhausted all other avenues of financial assistance may be considered for special subsidy of no more than $100 from RMMHA via the City of Pitt Meadows.

Please review the RMMHA Financial Assistance Program and Financial Assistance Application Form.  The deadline for submitting applications is December 10th of the current season.

Please contact for more information regarding the financial assistance program.

If you are applying for financial assistance, please register your child as usual and select the 'Pay Offline' in order to complete your registration.  Contact to confirm that you have subsidy application(s) in process.


The Big Play is a first come first service financial assistance program funded through Canadian Tire Jumpstart in partnership with the Hockey Canada Foundation.  It provides up to $500 (a lot more than what our RM Jumpstart chapter is funding) so can ease the financial burden for a lot of our Ridge Meadows families, as funds can also be used for equipment purchases, registration and transportation.

Parents apply directly through the Jumpstart Website to the Big Play application.  Applications can be approved for up to $500 per person.  Approval is on a first come first service basis.


Kidsport provides subsidy grants to qualifying families to help kids stay in sport.

Kidsport believes that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joys of a season of sport. Abundant research exists that proves sport participation enhances academic performance, improves health and develops valuable life skills in the areas of teamwork, socialization, goal setting and time management.

KidSport believes that it truly takes a village to raise a child and our 42 community chapters are driven by incredibly passionate volunteers who, together with sport clubs in their communities, have a shared ownership in ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines.

Follow this link to the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows chapter website to apply for funding.


Athletics for Kids Financial Assistance (B.C.) Society, known as A4K, was the brainchild of North Shore resident Shane Collins. With the financial help of three like minded businessmen, including A4K Past-President and current A4K Director Craig Knapton, the charity was federally registered and established in 2002. Dave Babych is a director and Athletic Spokesperson for it.

For information and to apply, please visit the website here.


Lace 'Em Up is a national charitable program, helping financially disadvantaged children play hockey by ensuring kids have equal financial access to the game. The Lace 'Em Up Foundation for Kids is dedicated to increase youth hockey participation rates for financially disadvantaged kids.

Visit the website here.

For questions or special requests regarding subsidies, please email Subsidies.

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