** Electronic Game Sheet Resources **

Note: ALL parents need to learn how to use the new system.

EGamesheet Instructions

EGamesheet Resources

Printable GAME SHEET Scratchpad 


Hold screen horizontally. This gives you the best view and allows you to see all of the penalty options.

Preferred screen size: 7-10 inches

Always have a paper game sheet - just in case the technology malfunctions. Penalties must be recorded correctly - missed suspensions or incorrect suspension can happen.

Keep scratch pad in the box and write the time down as soon as the penalty is called/goal is scored. 


Android - Minimum: Android 6/N

Chrome is preferred (minimum supported version is 58). Make sure to sign into the Google Play Store to keep it up to date (especially if you have an older tablet). Firefox, Samsung Internet, Brave, Opera are also supported.

iOS - Minimum: iOS 10.3

Browser: Recommended to Use Safari Ensure iOS is up to date.

Note: Disabling cookie on iOS prevents the app from fully working. If cookies are disabled, a notice will pop up directing you on how to fix this.

PCAHA HiSports Coordinators for support (email both if you need help and one will repsond:

Rick Grant: rgrant@pcaha.ca

Mark Rademaker: mrademaker@pcaha.ca