(Born 2013 - Previously H3)

EVALUATIONS - To Be Determined.


There will be NO Special Time or Friend or Coach Requests (including the Initiation/Novice levels) as it works against the PCAHA-mandated Team Balancing.

NO special requests will be considered in regards to player placement with the exception of siblings (natural or blended).


Teams will be assembled using the Double Blind Draft method.  After evaluations players are assigned a ranking number and using a serpentine method of selection will be assigned a team. This assures that RMMHA conforms to the PCAHA mandated team balancing policy and eliminates “Stacking” of teams.  Coaches will be randomly assigned a predetermined roster based on the Double Blind Draft.  Coaches whose child is not assigned to their team will have there child placed and a player of equal skill will be moved to the team that was effected.  This will be done by the Division Manager and Division Director and approved by the VP of C hockey.

Double Blind Draft Example:

Team 1 - #1→ Team 2 - #2→Team 3 - #3 →Team 4 - #5 → Team 5 - #5 → Team 5 - #6 → Team 4 - #7 → Team 3 - #8 →Team 2 - #9 →Team 1 - #10 →......

Please note that the times and dates below are subject to change - No special requests will be granted.

If you have any questions about our Novice Minor Program, please contact us HERE