2020-2021 Hockey Season - Updated 8/22/20

Update August 22, 2020

RMMHA has been working hard behind the scenes to develop a program that works within the guidelines given to us by our Provincial Health Authorities, our hockey governing bodies, and our facilities. We have faced challenges of protocols, ice availability, and determining what the interim hockey formats look like.  

We still do not have answers on what the "new normal" will look like once a vaccine or treatment is available but we have worked to organize what we will look like in the meantime as we move through the ViaSport phases.

We are currently in Phase 2 of the ViaSport return to play but expect to be in Phase 3 which allows for modified gameplay of 4 on 4 by the time we take to the ice in September. We have limited ice during September due to Planet Ice facility upgrades which are to be completed late September.

Refunds: BC Hockey has scheduled an announcement for August 28. As a result, we have moved our 100% base fee refund (minus $50 admin fee) from August 30 to Sept 15 to allow members more time to process what the season will look like. Please note the A Evaluation Policy remains in place (no refunds < 15 days from start of evaluations). 

Programming: RMMHA will be starting the season with a 5-week development and evaluation plan ending over Thanksgiving weekend. From there RMMHA will be moving into one of the two-season scenarios for the upcoming season. The first is to return to a PCAHA modified return to play, the second, if PCAHA is not able to return, is the RMMHA internal 4 on 4 11 week plan as outlined on our website.  


All players will be assigned to a Working Group of 8 players
Two working groups to One Ice Time
Goalies will be scheduled separately with two per session
5 Week Development / Evaluations (Phase 3 ***modified games)

"A" Hockey Program

Start Date: Sept 8
12 Ice Sessions
"A" Evaluations will start Sept 8 and run for 5 weeks for all divisions
Practice and Modified Scrimmage Schedule
Releases will occur over Thanksgiving Weekend (if moving to PCAHA return)

"C" Hockey Program

U11 - U13
Start date: Sept 14
8 Ice Sessions - First 2 Sessions Evaluations
Practice and Modified Scrimmage Schedule

U15 - U18
Start Date: September 18
7 Ice Sessions
Modified Scrimmage / Games

U8 & U9
Start Date: September 14
4 Ice Sessions - 1 a week

OCTOBER - PCAHA Modified Return or RMMHA Internal Modified Return - TBD

"A" Hockey
3 x Ice Sessions per week (weekly practice and gameplay as determined by division)
3rd Ice Cost is Recuperated via A Player Fee's which are TBD

"C" Hockey
2 x Ice Sessions per week (weekly practice and gameplay determined by division)

"H" Hockey
2 x Ice Sessions per week ( practice and development - some game play)



Due to the necessity to have larger gaps between ice sessions we are unable to offer the fully scheduled development programs as seen in previous seasons. We will be scheduling developers to join our working groups within their assigned ice times and will continue working to secure more ice to add in development options.   Our first priority is to have our Goalie development program should ice become available. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact us form found HERE

The above was updated on August 22, 2020

Previous Updates...

Recent announcements by VIA Sport, Dr. Henry and Premier Horgan combined with the decline of confirmed COVID-19 cases in British Columbia has created some optimism with our governing bodies : PCAHA, BC Hockey and Hockey Canada. RMMHA has participated in weekly calls with BC Hockey, PCAHA and other lower mainland Hockey Associations to stay up to date with all the latest news and share best practices in our planning for return to play.

As of June 24, 2020 we began to shift into Phase 3, which is a critical step for all Indoor Sports as it is the start of moving loosening of restrictions. This falls in line with the BC Hockey Model with a target of their phase 3 by early September. There has been a lot of speculation regarding what hockey will look like for the upcoming season. We can 100% say it will be different. At the moment there are multiple options for the upcoming season, and we are preparing different contingency plans so we can be well prepared and able to adapt to any programming changes that may arise as we return to play.  

It is important that RMMHA provides a safe environment for our athletes and one that will allow them to continue with their minor hockey experience. A great deal of what RMMHA will be able to offer will be determined by our facility operators who will dictate how many people can be in one space at any given time. Further we do know that time between ice sheets will shift to 30 minutes from 15 minutes which will result in a loss of about 20% of our available ice. The initial stage of the program will focus on skill development and off ice training with a gradual shift towards games in our cohorts.

BC Hockey will continue to provide  insight and leadership into how hockey will roll out in the Summer and Fall.  Please see the diagram below or CLICK HERE.

Your Board of Directors will be using the BC hockey template as a reference for our Return to play plan: CLICK HERE.

The safety of our membership and athletes is of the greatest importance and we will strive to maintain the highest safety standards. 

Please be assured that when our governing bodies are ready for hockey, RMMHA will be ready as well! 

We are hopeful and excited about getting back to hockey and look forward to seeing you all back at the rink soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to register for the upcoming season.

Registration for returning athlete registration is open until June 30th. After that, it opens up to everyone. Please be sure to ensure your athlete a spot, as we may have wait lists this season. 

Have a restful and enjoyable Summer!

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