Special Resolution - VP of 'H' Hockey





  1. Pursuant to the Societies Act (BC) (the “Societies Act”) any alteration to the Bylaws of  Ridge-Meadows Minor Hockey Association (the “Society”) must be authorized by special resolution of the  Society’s members. 
  2. The members of the Society wish to amend the existing Bylaws of the Society, as filed with the BC  Registrar of Companies (the “Registrar”) in order to (i) introduce a new officer title “Vice President of H  Hockey”, (ii) confirm that such new officer will also be a director and adjust the Board composition  accordingly, and (iii) redefine the roles and duties of the current officers of the Society as applicable.  

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED as a special resolution that: 

  1. The Bylaws of the Society, as filed with the Registrar, be altered by deleting all the provisions  thereof, and that all the provisions in the Bylaws attached to the Notice of Meeting issued for this  meeting be adopted as the Bylaws of the Society. 
  2. Any director or officer of the Society is authorized and directed for and on behalf and in the name  of the Society to execute, deliver and file, as the case may be, this amendment to the Society’s  Bylaws and any other agreements, instruments and documents and to do such other acts or things  as such director or officer, in his or her discretion, considers necessary, desirable or advisable for  the purpose of giving effect to these resolutions.”

VP-H Resolution

VP of H Hockey will oversee all matters as they pertain to H hockey (U6-U9)

U6-U9 will have its own identity just like A and C hockey:

VP of A Hockey: oversee 300-350 athletes (all A Program athletes)
VP of C Hockey: oversee 300-350 athletes (C Program athletes U11 - U18)
VP of H Hockey: oversee 300-350 athletes (Athletes in U6-U9)

Job Description