Referee Information for Team Managers

Officials for Novice through Bantam C are assigned through your Association Referee-in-Chief or designated Assigner.

Officials for Bantam A and above are booked through the Referee Assigning Centre. Once a team receives a game number from the League Manager, the League Manager will forward a Game Request Form to the Referee Assigning Centre to book referees for that game.

Penny Butler:

U7-U9, U11 A & C, U13 A & C, U15 C

Robyn Doig:

U15 A, U18 A & C, U21 A & C

(to be contacted only if there is a problem with the schedule, or if you have a last minute schedule change where there is a delay updating the RAC)

**Please do NOT include your ref assigners in email threads when you are trying to resolve a conflict.

Once you have a new game time confirmed with the ice coordinator & the other team, then you can email your ref assigner with ALL of the game details. Please make sure to put your game # in the subject line.

If you have a game coming up within a week or so that you know won't be happening but you don't have a replacement yet, you can let her know that the game isn't happening & that you will update her with new details when you have them.

Please try to be thorough with your emails to your Assigners. It makes their job so much easier and they appreciate it so much.