Provisional Registration

The Provisional Registration fee applies to athletes that are actively pursuing placement in other programs (e.g. BC Hockey Zone Programming, Major/Minor programs, Female ‘A’ hockey, Junior A/B) but are required to register with their ‘home’ association.

The fee is a one-time/lifetime fee.  You are not required to pay this fee if you have paid the fee in past seasons, and DID NOT RETURN to play with RMMHA that season.  Members must still register each season for Provisional Registration prior to July 1st, even if the fee has previously been paid.

If you have paid this fee in the past, but were later released and/or your athlete returned to play for RMMHA, that fee was included and deducted from your registration.  In this case, the Provisional Registration fee must be paid again for athletes in tryouts for other higher level teams or programs.

For the current season, the one-time/lifetime fee will be a $50 non-refundable and non-transferable fee.  Should any athlete pay the provisional fee in 2020 and return to RMMHA for the 2020-21 season, full registration fees and any other applicable fees are due immediately.  Please note that Provisional Registration does not automatically guarantee placement on a team if the athlete returns.   This is dependent on when the athlete has been released back to RMMHA and whether there is still availability with no waiting lists.

Please review Section 2.9 of the RMMHA Policy Manual for more information.  To register and pay your Provisional Registration fee, please use the link below.

If you have paid this fee (and did not return to play for RMMHA in the same season), please register below, then contact the Registrar to advise that you have already made payment prior to checking out.

DO NOT use this link to register for regular season registration.