(Athletes born 2015-2016)

Grouping pages are PASSWORD PROTECTED. You will receive an email from your Division Manager with the password.  Please "star" this email so you can refer back to it.  Once the password has been sent out, parents will be expected to refer to the website at all times.


Sept 8:

  • U6 teams have been posted in the button above.
  • U7 Eval groupings are posted in the button above, including ice times.

Sept 1:

  • U6 off ice activities will begin September 11th, with details to be added at a later date.
  • U6 rosters will be formed, and will go straight into regular season ice times.  Rosters are a work in progress!
  • U7 evaluation process will include two "rust-off" skates; two skills practices; and two game evaluations.  Coaches will confirm player ratings from these ice times and teams will be formed as per PCAHA requirements.  We hope to have teams formed by the beginning of October, with a short balancing schedule to follow.
  • U7 Groupings should be posted mid-week of week starting Sept 7.
  • They will be posted in a password protected page - your Division Manager will email you the password.  Please be patient as we work to form evaluation groups.

* PLEASE NOTE: Ice times posted are SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  There are many moving parts at this time of year, and we reserve the right to change the ice times as needed.