Drill Draw Tool

RMMHA has created a Remote Drill Bank at www.drilldraw.com

You can purchase the subscription to start the following:

1) Utilizing the drills created by our Development Team and other coaches in RMMHA
2) Create your own drills to share within RMMHA
3) Transfer drills from other website such as Hockeyshare.com, Weisstechhockey.com, etc
4) Organize your practice plans

It is more proficient, quicker and you can email your plan to your staff, parents and players in advance.

Cost: $50 per year for the Standard package


The Director of Development states " My goal is to have our family of coaches utilize the same and/or very similar drills, station skill development practices and similar team tactics to benefit our athletes' overall development within the RMMHA Family. If an athlete is aware of the similarities or has experienced the same drill in the past, his or her performance at the next level or age group will increase from not only muscle memory and cognitive memory, but more importantly from a comfort and confidence level. In the end, coaches at all levels will experience less time describing a drill or station at the coaches white board and have more time to teach and educate within the drill or station. The athletes will, in turn, gain more time being active, playing with the puck or development objects, playing games, confidence, increased compete levels and most importantly having FUN."


To enhance your coaching capabilities and organize your drills and practice plans:

1) Purchase through your team budget or use the free trial at www.drilldraw.com

2) If you choose to purchase, Inform the DHD at dhd@ridgemeadowshockey.com so you can be forwarded your username/password for the RMMHA Remote Drill Bank within the program.


"Developing better people should be the number one goal for any coach when dealing with kids"

- Bobby Orr