Coach Application

Complete the online application forms for the category you want to coach in:


'H' Program Coach Application

'C' Program Coach Application

'A' Program Coach Application


"A" level Head Coaches

Head Coach Applicants must upload the following 4 documents in the Application Form:

1) Coach resume

- Coach Philosophy

- BC Hockey & Hockey Canada Credentials with year completed

- Past years experience in hockey and position held

2) Projected Parent Meeting agenda in an outline format

3) Team Building events (September)

- the plan, the objectives, and the goals

4) a September (Monthly) Progression Plan for the level you marked to apply for (showing both individual & team tactic development)

The Following projected within the month:

        U11/U13 (On Ice plan)

  • 8 practices
  • 6 Tier Games

        U15/U18 (On Ice & Off Ice Plan)

  • 8 practices
  • 4 off ice conditioning days
  • 6 Tier Games