Updated Safety Guidelines for Pitt Meadows Arena

Effective October 12, Pitt Meadows Arena has updated their arena guidelines. Safety is our number one concern. There will be zero tolerance for bending the rules. Members not following the rules will be subject to RMMHA discipline and player suspension.
Some highlighted rules are:
⁃ Face Masks will be mandatory in all areas outside the field of play for parents and athletes.
⁃ User groups may only enter the building ONCE PREVIOUS GROUP HAS VACATED AND/OR no earlier than 15 minutes before their activity/ice time
⁃ User Groups must exit within 10 minutes after their session. There will be no early admittance to the facility.
⁃1 Parent/Guardian permitted in the building per participant. No siblings permitted
Our on-ice numbers have also been updated which allows RMMHA to explore different game format options. We are proceeding with caution as there are many factors such as player safety, PCAHA roster upper/lower limits, and how much ice each athlete would get during our allocated 50 minutes ice times with normal-sized rosters. There are lots of factors to consider to try to get it right - please be patient with us.
C Hockey's 4 vs. 4 game format will be running through to Christmas and we are planning to publish a schedule soon. Rosters were sent this morning to PCAHA with our proposed schedule for approval and issuing of game numbers.
Thank you everyone for your cooperation and patience during these ever changing times.
Below are PMAC facility use guidelines. Please have a look.

PMAC Guidelines