TeamSnap Help

Each RMMHA athlete will receive an invitation to join their team on Teamsnap once rosters have been created.

If you have not received an invitation, PLEASE check with athlete’s other parent before asking for help. They can add you. In order for your spouse (or anyone else) to be able to manage your athlete’s profile/availability in Teamsnap, you will have to add them yourself:

Go into your athlete’s profile in the app, click to edit and then ‘Add Family Member’. Send them an invite and once they accept the invite, they’ll be able to set up Teamsnap the same way on their smartphone.

If you are a team official and need some help with your team’s TeamSnap account, you are welcome to email our Communications Director, Jen Marshall:

Please contact your division manager if you did not receive an invite. 

For any other Teamsnap issues, please contact Teamsnap via email at