2020 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM took place Thursday March 5th 7pm at Thomas Haney. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come. We had 190 members show up to vote.

Your new board starting April 1st is as follows (members voted in last night are in bold):

President: Dale Lupul

VP of A Hockey: Ryan Douglas

VP of C Hockey: Tyler Harron

VP of Admin: Andrew Koran

2-YR Director Positions: Amelia Norrie, Nick Della Peruta, Jesse Sidhu, Peter Mandoli

1-YR Director Positions: Jen Marshall, Stuart Freer, Riley Birth, Bonnie Segarty, Chris Sirovyak

* FIVE Summer Sizzler Camp Admission: Carrie Hurren, Callum McKay, Laura Willard, Adam Lubas, Chris Laing 
* ONE 50% discount for registration in the 2020-21 season: Matt Bouthot