Evaluations Format Outline

** Continue to check the website OFTEN, as information is being updated daily **

Our ‘Phases’ allow athletes to demonstrate their skills amongst similarly skilled athletes. Regardless of which ‘Phase’ an athlete begins in, the opportunity will always exist to play themselves up to a higher level.

Parents may request to delay their athlete’s start until Phase 2, but may not request to ‘move up’ to Phase 1.

Players are then broken up into A1/A2 camp and A3 camp for intrasquad games

Phase 1 & 2, promotions and releases are done with the data provided by the Evaluators.

Team Camps – athletes are placed into the respective camps as determined by the ongoing evaluation of these athletes. Some coaches’ input may be considered at this point as part of the discussion.

*Note: Those coaches who coach these athletes in the spring will not participate in these discussions.

It is important to note that participating in a Team Camp does not mean an athlete has made that team.  Team Camps provide athletes with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skill and character as fitting within the specific needs of the team.

Final rosters are subject to approval by VP ‘A’ Hockey and Lead Developer.

All ice times and team rosters will be posted on the website.

Phase promotions will be posted within 24 hours of last evaluation skate in each phase – EMAILS WILL NOT BE SENT THIS YEAR – Direct questions to VP ‘A’ Hockey or Lead Developer.

**Please do not approach evaluators during the evaluation process

By September 15, the final Roster selections will be made for the A1 Team releasing athletes to the A2 Selection Camp.

Releases will continue throughout the various Selection Camps, with Final Rosters being selected for all teams by September 25.

This is our deadline but we will endeavor to complete the process sooner.

Remaining athletes from the A3/A4 teams (depending on division) will be released to the ‘C’ Program Evaluations.

Appeals must be submitted in writing, utilizing the form provided on the RMMHA website, to the VP of ‘A’ Hockey within 48 hours of being notified of their team placement or being released to C Hockey. It is the responsibility of the Athlete Placement Appeals Committee to fully investigate and respond, in writing or in person to the individual. The protest will be reviewed in a timely manner, and will be expected to be resolved within seven (7) days of submission. There will be no further recourse.

The Athlete Placement Appeals Committee shall consist of the VP of ‘A’ Hockey, Lead Developer and President.

Evaluations flowchart