Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to this schedule if necessary.
‘A’ Evaluation Start Date (Updated May 28)
  • August 25th Combine (U11, U13, U15)
  • August 27th Goalie Skills (U11, U13, U15)
  • Aug 28/29/30 Scrimmages (U11, U13, U15)
  • Starting Sept 7: U18 Goalie Skills
  • Starting Sept 7: U18 Scrimmages

NOTE: BC Zone Tryouts may result in changes to the U18/U15 tryouts. Additionally PHO restrictions may change our evaluation process.

No RMMHA Ice September 4/5/6
For U11C/U13C:
September 7-9 - Rust-Off skate
September 10-12 - Skills evaluations
September 13-17 - Balancing games per group
September 18 - Draft Day
September 20 - Regular ice allocation begins
For U15C/U18C
September 9-12 - Scrimmage-only evaluations
September 13-18 - Scrimmage-only evaluations
September 18-19 - Draft Day
September 20 - Regular Ice allocation begins

Registration Resources



PCAHA Player Registration Form

  • To be completed for NEW athletes

Application for Player Movement

  • To be completed for athletes wishing to transfer to another association due to residential moves.

Application for Overage Exemption

  • To be completed by parents who would like their child to play DOWN a division.

Financial Assistance Program
Financial Assistance Application

  • Ensure you understand all requirements before submitting an application for financial assistance.

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Unlimited Transfer Card Request

Sample Letter Format for IIHF Transfers

IIHF Letter of Approval

  • These forms are for athletes transferring in from outside of Canada.

Declaration of Residency - Move without Parent

  • To be completed by minor athletes requesting registration to an association outside of the residential boundaries of the association(s) in which their parents reside.