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H1/2 Program Update for 2018/19

By Brad Scott, 05/11/18, 9:15AM PDT


Announcing the Little Rustlers!

Exciting changes to our Initiation levels coming this fall!

In an effort to improve the delivery of development opportunities to our young athletes and make hockey more fun, Ridge Meadows Minor Hockey is changing our programming model for hockey 1-4 

The Little Rustlers program, formerly Hockey 1 and 2, will be combined and feature a skill-based progression plan where each athlete moves on to the next level after they have become proficient at their current task.

This grouping of athletes will do several things. First, it will allow our developers on the ice to teach lessons to kids with similar skill sets. All too often, some get left behind because they’re either unable to perform all the drills that other kids can, or if they are highly skilled comparatively, the developer is spending time helping the rest of the group. Now, with kids working in a group of similarly skilled peers, instructors can be much more effective in delivering the development to the group. This will also install more confidence in our athletes as its very easy for some to get discouraged if they’re doing a drill they can’t yet complete while a peer is running through it without issue.

The goal is to furnish ALL of our athletes with the skills they need to have success as they progress into higher divisions of hockey in the most efficient and effective manner. This will make hockey more fun for all and keep our players engaged as they make new friends and gain confidence within their peer group!

With this in mind, the Little Rustlers program will now follow models similar to other sports such as swimming, figure skating and dance where young athletes will develop within a group of peers that share a similar skill set. The association will use a level system, based on specific criteria for skating, puck control, passing and other skills to place the players with advancement occurring through evaluation, when players meet the criteria established at each level.

Logistically, this new model will mean that our Little Rustlers athletes will not compete in games against other associations within PCAHA as has been the case in previous years. They will, however, have the opportunity to play in-house games within their respective skill groups and RMMHA.