These questions assume your athlete is registering during the correct phase.  See definitions of registration types below.

  • For REGULAR or PROVISIONAL registrations:

    • Returning players (classified as being rostered to a RMMHA team for the ENTIRE 2021-22 season) can register May 15th, via the links at the bottom of the page.

    • New or transferring athletes can register as of June 1st, providing all documents have been submitted and approved.

    • Athletes who are returning but were NOT rostered to a RMMHA team in the 2021-22 season, OR withdrew from a team in the 2021-22 season, can register June 1st.

  • For TRYOUT LETTER REQUEST¬†registrations:

    • "Outlaw leagues", or leagues that are not sanctioned by Hockey Canada, ie HPL, HSL, etc do NOT qualify for a provisional registration.

    • The TLR registration only applies to athletes whose last season of hockey was with an outlaw league and now wish to tryout for Zone, etc.

    • Please contact the Registrar if your last season of hockey was in an UNSANCTIONED hockey league and you wish to tryout for a SANCTIONED elite program in the 2022-23 season.¬† You will be given a link to request a Tryout Letter via special registration form.

    • All provisional registrations from the link below will be cross-referenced for past team - please do not use the provisional registration link below if you are looking for a Tryout Letter.

Regular Registration

Click the button above if:

  • You are a returning athlete in U7 or above AND;

  • You are NOT trying out for any of the programs to the right, and only intend to play for RMMHA this season, OR;

  • You are a NEW athlete (any division) and have been given your new Hockey ID number by the Registrar

  • You are a transferring athlete whose transfer has been approved by PCAHA

  • You are an athlete residing in Canada under a Student Visa and you have been approved to play by Hockey Canada

Provisional Registration

Click the button above if:

  • You have been rostered to a RMMHA team sometime in the past, AND;

  • You have NOT played in any unsanctioned leagues since playing for RMMHA, AND;

  • You are a U15 or above athlete who is trying out for a Hockey Canada sanctioned program such as:

    • Zone

    • Major U15

    • Minor/Major U18

    • Junior (A or B)

    • Elite Female

    • Academy