For the 2018-2019 Season RMMHA is making a shift in direction for the Atom division towards a greater emphasis on player development.   Through all levels of Atom hockey we will be focussed on working with our athletes to help them improve as players.

Three changes will occur with  Atom hockey:

  1. First, our program will now be referred to as Atom A Development and Atom C Development Hockey.
  2.  Players will register as a skater or a goalie, they will not choose a position.   Rather they will be given the opportunity to try different positions throughout the year enabling them to develop into a more well rounded athlete than just a “left winger”.    This will include A Development Evaluations.   Players who wish to play in the A Development Program will register as a skater and be evaluated on their skill set amongst their peers but not evaluated based on position.   The evaluation team will assess them by skill and they will be assigned to teams accordingly.   Coaches will work with our athletes throughout the year to help them learn the game in various positions as opposed to just one.    This will happen in both the A Development Program and the C Development Program.
  3. There will be 4 Atom A Development teams this year.  There will be an Atom AD1 and Atom AD2 team separated according to skill.   There will not be an AD4 team.  Instead we will have two Atom AD3 teams.  Rustler Red and Rustler White.   The athletes for these teams will be split up evenly.  This will turn the focus for those two teams in particular to a higher level of development as opposed to solely competition based.

***athletes wishing to play goalie will still register as a goalie