'A' Program Appeals must be submitted in writing, utilizing the form provided on the RMMHA website, to the VP of ‘A’ Hockey within 48 hours of being notified of their team placement or being released to C hockey. It is the responsibility of the Athlete Placement Appeals Committee to fully investigate and respond, in writing or in person, to the individual that placed the appeal. The appeal will be reviewed in a timely manner and will be expected to be resolved within seven (7) days of submission. There will be no further recourse.

Any questions, concerns, injuries, vacations, etc, please contact our VP of A Hockey, Ryan Douglas at vp-a@ridgemeadowshockey.com



4.2.14. Dress Code

The purpose of the RMMHA dress code is to instill a feeling of pride and professionalism in belonging to an ‘A’ team and the Association. The Association strives to ensure a minimal cost to families. Head Coaches are to ensure that athletes on their respective teams adhere to the Dress Code. The RMMHA ‘A’ Program dress code for home and away games consists of:

• A collared dress shirt (to be tucked in) with tie

• Dress pants (preferably black)

• Dress shoes (preferably black)

• Athletes are encouraged to wear approved jackets available from the official RMMHA apparel supplier.

• Coaches are required to wear warm, business style ‘pea coat’ jackets or the approved jackets available from the official RMMHA apparel supplier. No casual shoes, hoodies, or hats are permitted. All athletes and coaches are expected to follow the dress code. The dress code is to be adhered to before a team member leaves his home to travel to any game. An exception is allowed for extended travel time for tournament play.